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#HairGoals With Chantel Of Choose Love Blog

Get to know the artist, content creator, and mom, and even score her "wet summer look" how-to!

For our latest installment of "#HairGoals With..." we chat with Chantel of Choose Love Blog. A devoted #EVOLVher if we ever saw one, Chantel generously invites us into her world of wellness, clean beauty, and plant-based health. Just in time for the impending pool parties and beach hangs, she even created a "wet look" how-to exclusively for the EVOLVher Journal - so make sure to scroll down for the video after the Q&A. 

When did you first go plant-based? How has it changed your life?

My journey to a plant-based diet was a slow and intentional one. I started by becoming vegetarian for 2 years and once I realized how great I felt I decided to go fully plant-based during my pregnancy with my son 5 years ago. It’s changed my life in tremendous ways by improving frequent migraines that I use to suffer from and so much more. 

What resources do you recommend to someone trying to go down this path? Do you have any advice for beginners?

Oh man there are so many! I love finding recipe inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest and also create fun simple ones on my own personal blog as well. I also highly recommend the documentary “Forks over Knives” - it’s a real eye opener. My advice to those just beginning though is always to go at your own pace and remember you can still eat what you love - just a plant-based version of it :) 

What’s your go-to breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a typical day?

My mornings always start off with a large glass of water to help flush toxins and reset my digestive system. My typical breakfast usually consists of fresh fruit and avocado toast, a great quick lunch is a veggie quesadilla or wrap and dinner a grain or starch with sautéed veggies and a protein like lentils or sometimes a meat substitute from brands like Gardien or Beyond meat. 

What are your top trusted places to shop for green products?

Some of my favorite trusted places to shop online are the The Choosy Chick, Detox Market, Follain and Beauty Heroes. It’s also great to see mainstream stores like Target, Whole Foods and Lucky’s Market carry tons of great green beauty options as well! 

Your makeup looks are very artistic and creative and you’re also an incredibly talented artist; where do you usually find inspiration for your art and/or your makeup?

First off, thank you so much! My inspiration for my looks can honestly come from anything like patterns on clothes or buildings or even nature. I love pushing the boundaries with my art and am having a lot of fun with my new Wild Lip Wednesday series that allows me to combine my love for art with clean makeup. 

While shopping for beauty products, how do you confirm that they are clean, green, non-toxic, and vegan?

Learning to read labels is so important when trying to confirm if products are actually legit. A lot of brands are aware that there is a trend in conscious consumerism and will trick buyers into thinking it’s clean with their branding and design. With that being said, it really comes down to research and key label icons that help to quickly decipher the product. Another great resource is the Think Dirty App. 

How did you first come across EVOLVh? Which EVOLVh products are staples in your haircare routine?

I first learned about EVOLVh a few years ago via Instagram. Since connecting with the brand and testing out a few products, I’ve been hooked ever since! A few staples that I can’t l live without are the UltraShine Shampoo + Conditioner and the SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner.

What are your #hairgoals and how does EVOLVh help you achieve them?

My hair goals are definitely to add more volume and reduce frizz. My favorite products to help with this are the TotalControl Styling Créme before blow drying/curling and the WonderBalm is actually great for taming frizz in addition to defining curls! 

Here's Chantel's "summer wet look" how-to using EVOLVh products: | @chooseloveart

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