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Black History Month: Celebrating Our Community

We're continuing our Black History Month celebration by spotlighting some of the incredible Black creators in the EVOLVher community. From pro stylists, to bloggers, to the real women we cast in our My Hair, My Journey campaign, these are some of the folks who inspire us on a regular basis, and will hopefully also inspire you to #diversifyyourfeed by giving them a follow. 

Joy Fennell 

Joy is a professional makeup artist as well as the Founder & Creative Director of The Joy in Beauty, an online destination that helps you find balance between beauty and perfection—because the truth is: joy really is the best makeup!

Through her editorial platform, you can read all about what’s new and what’s next in skincare, hear all about beauty behind the scenes and learn to create looks you’ll love.

If that's not enough to keep this #GirlBoss busy, she recently also launched the All Black Everything Summit - a solution based movement geared towards Black creatives.

We were lucky enough to feature Joy in our My Hair, My Journey campaign and her energy on set was definitely worthy of her name - pure Joy!

Catch a glimpse for yourself:

Check out more of Joy's hair journey here >

Alexis Kristiana

A multi-hyphenate QUEEN, Alexis is a model, YouTuber, and the owner/operator of Brooklyn-based Liquid Gold Vintage - an incredible Etsy shop of curated vintage for the nursing mama. Did we mentioned that she also has a 1 year old?! Talk about #mommygoals!

She's recently made the switch to EVOLVh and from the sound of it - she won't be looking back!

Check out her review/routine featuring our Curls Discovery Kit:


Pamela Ravelo

Pamela is a self-described Afro Latina from Dominican Republic and a curly hair enthusiast. By sharing her story and haircare, she aimed to motivate and encourage other girls and women to also feel beautiful inside and out. In doing so, she quickly realized that she has the power to inspire and motivate others to learn and accept their "imperfections" in order to focus on their values and goals for the future. Amen to that!

We love and deeply relate to the "imperfect" sentiment and her blog and Instagram are chock full of super thoughtful and helpful content - especially for guessed it... curly girls. 



Akeem Cargile

Of course we couldn't leave out some of our fave go-to hairstylists. Akeem is one of the most talented and hardest working up and coming hair stylists in New York City, and when he’s not doing his trademark hair magic with us (like for our My Hair, My Journey campaign shoot or our events with Credo Beauty), you can find him behind the chair at the renowned Cutler Salon in SoHo. We would argue that some of the very best cut and styling work in all of NYC is happening in Akeem’s chair at Cutler (when safe/allowed of course). Wherever you are - be sure to follow him on IG for endless #hairspo!


Tasha MUAH
Tasha is a hairstylist, makeup artist, and male groomer that we've also had the pleasure of bringing along to several events for styling sessions. As a seasoned pro, Tasha has access to a LOT of brands and products so we're truly honored that she relies on EVOLVh for her clients as well as for her own curls, straightened styles, and everything in between.

In her own words, EVOLVh is the answer for "healthy, hydrated, & defined curls" and is "Great for all hair types but a MUST have for curly girls! Ditch Deva 🤭 and get a brand that truly cares about the integrity of your hair - yep I said it!"



If Iman's face looks familiar to you it's probably because you've seen her on our site and social channels because she took part in our My Hair, My Journey campaign. 

Here's what Iman had to share about how her relationship with her hair has evolved over time: "I’ve always loved my hair, but had a hard time managing it when I was younger. Because I have  thick, curly, long hair; going to a salon was expensive and impossible.

So, I wore braids a lot during my childhood. My mom almost always did my hair growing up and would style and shape my hair until her hands were tired. She taught me a lot about taking care of my hair and part of that was making sure it was well moisturized, combed, and protected. I had always wanted to wear my hair out when I was a child, not knowing that it wasn’t the best style for my texture at the time. 

When I became a teenager I wanted to straighten it. Mainly because my peers all had straight hair and having straight hair was the beauty norm. I used to get relaxers but after the damage I saw it was causing to my natural hair, I stopped. This was midway through my junior year in college. It was at that point that I decided to go natural and never look back. Honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! 

Learning my texture, how to manage my hair, and what products to use was a journey, but I’m glad I stuck with it. My hair has helped me become comfortable in my own skin. It has helped me transition into the woman I am today."

And here is Iman's video from the campaign where she talks about what a "good hair day" means to her:



A master stylist & the Founder behind STrUT Oakland, one of our favorite salon partners, Antionette has merged her three loves: hair styling, educating clients about maintaining luscious and healthy hair, and leading other stylists to be extraordinary hair professionals.

Her salon is definitely worth a visit if you're in the Bay Area!



Shekinah's smile is as contagious as her hustle is inspiring - she is a Model, Content Creator, Senior Brand Strategist, the Executive Director of Miss Queens and Miss Brooklyn, AND the co-host of the Soul Food No Snacks podcast.

This woman is BUSY - so we’re so honored that she relies on EVOLVh products to care for her crown and simplify her routine so she has time for all the other things on her plate.


Happy Black History Month and happy following and positive content consumption, EVOLVhers!