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Better Roots Scalp + Hair Oil Key Ingredients

From nature to bottle, explore the clinically proven active ingredients that make our Better Roots Scalp + Hair Oil an innovative product for achieving a healthier scalp and stronger, shinier strands!

This unique oil stimulates hair follicle cells and enhances the health and vitality of the scalp's skin cells. It also serves as a luxurious hair oil that internally strengthens each strand, revitalizes the hair's structure, and provides protection against breakage. We can't wait for you to experience the magic of Better Roots! 

: Olive Fruit Oil, Castor Seed Oil, & Ceramide NG

HairFlux marries the power of olives to the well known strength of ceramides (found in hair cell membrane complex and the skin barrier). It is clincially proven to protect hair from breakage and damage due to coloring, bleaching, and heat styling as well as prevent scalp inflammation and dryness. 

  • Repairs inner hair structure. Clinical trials found it reduced hair breakage by 82%  and repaired the structure of bleach damaged hair by 75%
  • Provides sun protection for both hair strands and scalp skin.
  • Moisturizes scalp skin
  • Helps reduce scalp inflammation


Hemisqualane is a haircare gem that works to create healthier, stronger strands. It is a lightweight, plant-derived alternative to silicones that provides a silky-smooth texture without weighing hair down. Additionally, it enhances manageability, reduces frizz, locks in moisture, and adds incredible shine!

  • Provides color protection
  • Reduces frizz
  • Delivers heat protection and prevents damage
  • Provides easier combing
  • Leaves hair silky and smooth

Bataua Fruit Oil

Batau is a superfruit grown on wild palms in South America. Our Bataua fruit is sustainably harvested in the Amazon jungles of Peru, ensuring the palms can continue to yield abundant fruit. Packed with nourishing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it strengthens, hydrates, and adds shine to hair. This lightweight oil also tames frizz, prevents breakage, and protects hair from environmental damage.

  • Rich in Vitamin E — one of the most important antioxidants That helps protect the hair from damage.
  • Bataua contains 63x more Vitamin E per milligram than Avocado oil
  • High concentration of naturally Oleic, Stearic and Palmitic acids which help lock in moisture and promote healthier, more nourished hair
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Helps tame frizz
  • Prevents breakage
  • Protects hair from environmental damage

Alpine Rose Extract

This wild rose is native to the mountains of central and southern Europe at altitudes
of 2600 meters. A purified extract of it’s leaves rejuvenates the skin through a
novel renewal process called senolytics which helps clear “zombie cells”. Don’t worry - we’re breaking it down for you and what this means for your hair health!

Fibroblasts are cells responsible for producing collagen and wound healing. When they age or face harmful stresses, such as UV light and pollution, they can become zombie cells (the scientific term is senescent).  Instead of dying they influence more cells into becoming senescent too. These senescent / zombie cells lead to reduced hair growth & scalp inflammation.

But, thanks to its natural cell protecting activity, Alpine Rose Active protects the skin against the formation of premature zombie cells & can help to clear these cells from the tissue where it has already happened.

  • Improves collagen production & renews scalp skin cell repair.
  • Protects scalp and hair from UV radiation, oxidative stress, & pollution
  • Helps reduce scalp inflammation.
  • Aids in healthy hair regrowth

Basil Hairy Root Extract/RootBioTec

Basil Hairy Root Extract was shown to strongly inhibit the activity of 5α reductase II (the enzyme that promotes the conversion of testosterone to DHT). Meanwhile, another study was conducted with starving dermal papilla cells, the cells that are responsible for hair growth. RootBioTec HO improved their proliferation by 23%, indicating a hair regrowth effect. In a clinical study conducted for two months on volunteers with mild to moderate hair loss, RootBioTec HO showed the capacity to reduce hair loss by 26% after the first month and 31% following the second month. *Source: Mibelle Biochemistry, Buchs Switzerland


Researchers have discovered that we have olfactory receptors (ORs) not only in our nose, but also all over our skin. These newly found ORs react to certain substances and cause complex biological reactions. When drugs and cosmetics activate these ORs, they trigger responses in our cells, neurotransmitters, and hormones, which then affect our bodies.

For hair growth and repair, scientists made a breakthrough by discovering the OR2AT4 receptor in the root sheath of hair follicles.

Sandal Pentanol, also known as Sandalore, specifically interacts with the OR2AT4 receptor and stimulates hair follicles. Clinical studies have shown that Sandal Pentanol can successfully treat hair loss by promoting longer periods of hair growth and increasing hair density and thickness.

Independent clinical study on 60 female adults affected by telogen effluvium (a form of temporary hair loss that usually happens after stress, a shock, or a traumatic event) received treatment over a period of 24 weeks.*  Sandal Pentanol (Follicin) solution improved clinical signs of telogen effluvium, with reduced hair shedding, increased hair volume, and increased percentage of anagen phase hair follicles. 

  • 79% of users experienced reduced shedding by week 8, and 86% by week 24
  • 64% of users experienced increased volume by week 8, and 71% by week 2