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Behind the Chair with Holistic Hairstylist Ashley Kiritsis

We are excited to introduce you to Ash, a holistic hairstylist who creates hair magic at Salon FiG, an eco-friendly salon in Newton, New Jersey. Ash always graces our Instagram tagged photos with beautiful hair transformations and styling inspiration, so we reached out to learn more about what inspired her passion for hair, her top tips for keeping your hair healthy, her favorite EVOLVh products she reaches for both for herself and her clients, and more. Enjoy!

When did you first fall in love with doing hair? And how long have you been a stylist?

I fell in love with doing hair as a little girl! I’d watch YouTube tutorials after school and learn to braid and do different styles! I would always do my friend's hair before anything! I realized how good it made me feel making others feel good about themselves and fell in love. I’ve had my license for 2 years now so it’s been a really exciting journey so far and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!  

Can you share more about your approach to holistic hair care? How do you define it, and what are the key principles you follow in your practice?

I believe the body, mind, spirit, and the environment are all interconnected and affects our health – and ultimately, our hair! I try my best to implement sustainable practices in my home and in the salon! At Salon FiG, we truly care about the health of our clients hair and their overall well-being! Some key principles I follow are: sticking to all natural products for myself and clients, practicing sustainability daily, and taking care of my mind and body as best as I can!

Which EVOLVh products are your favorites to use on yourself and/or clients and what do you love most about them?

My favorite EVOLVh products are the InstaVolume Mousse and the SuperFinish Polishing Balm! The mousse is incredible, leaving a soft hold for the hair and amazing volume for the perfect natural curly style or blowout! And the SuperFinish Polishing Balm leaves such a nice shine without making the hair feel too greasy! 

What is your go-to style for a natural look on a client, and which EVOLVh products help you create it?

My go-to for a natural look for would be the InstaVolume Elixir to detangle, protect, and moisturize. Then, scrunching in some InstaVolume Mousse for volume and definition! Then diffuse to encourage a little more curl and go in with the SuperFinish Polishing Balm to soften and smooth everything! 

What are your top tips for keeping hair healthy?

My top tips for keeping your hair healthy is: to always use a leave-in after washing to prevent any damage in the first place! (The InstaVolume Elixir is my personal favorite!) Then I would use a mask like the UltraRepair Masque once a week or once every other week to keep your hair nice and balanced! 

Do you have an infamous hair regret?

Yes! When I accidentally dyed my money pieces blue in beauty school  

What does your personal hair care routine look like? What is your Hair Type?

I have fine wavy hair but a lot of it! Recently I think I’ve mastered my routine! First I use a lightweight shampoo and a balanced conditioner to add in moisture and protein back to my hair! I wash about 1-2 times a week so I like to do the UltraRepair Masque once every week to keep my hair as healthy as possible! I always detangle with a wet brush while the mask/conditioner is in to make sure the product is spread and to make my life easier later. When I’m done washing I like to add in a leave in and brush that though! Then I flip over and add lots of InstaVolume Mousse to enhance my waves and add lots of volume. Some days I like to air dry, some days I like to diffuse! I’ll finish off with a shine oil to soften out everything. 

Salon FiG is an eco-friendly salon. What are some of the ways that you try to maintain sustainability in your daily life? Are there any sustainable products or tips that you can pass along to us?

I try to maintain sustainability as much as I can not only in the salon but also at home! I like to compost so that my boyfriend and I can reuse that material for gardening! I also use a reusable makeup removing towel instead of wipes. I always use the refill bar at Salon FiG for my hair care and skin care so I don’t have to keep repurchasing plastic! 

When you're not busy in the salon, what is your favorite way to unwind and take care of yourself?

My favorite way to unwind is by taking a hot bath with my current book! I also love to do yoga to relax my body after a long day working! 

If you could style ANY celebrity in the world, who would it be?

If I could style any celebrity it would be Miley Cyrus!