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Award Season Recap: Achieve Our Favorite Celebrity Hairstyles

Award season is one of our favorite times of the year! While we love to see who wins, we're all about admiring the unique and timeless hairstyles that keep us feeling inspired. Here are some of our favorite red carpet looks and some styling tips to recreate these looks at home - no celebrity hair stylist required.

Old Hollywood Curls

Glamorous old Hollywood curls are always a classic. Jennifer Lopez and Angela Bassett both showed up at the 2024 Golden Globes with voluminous curls, showcasing their elegant looks. JLO wore her look in style with a pretty-in-pink and soft glam, rosey dress. Angela paired her big curls with an off-the-shoulder, long-sleeve black velvet dress and a bold red lipstick. Their soft and shiny curls are easily achievable with our InstaVolume Volumizing Mousse. It’s perfect for styling the same lifted and voluminous curls while keeping them in place. It also has embedded heat protection, so you don’t need to worry about getting your strands damaged!

Silky, Smooth Straight Hair

Silky smooth hair is a classic hairstyle that you can never go wrong with. Jessica Chastain and Ariana DeBose wore their long and smooth hair at the Emmys. Joining them by also entering the year with smooth hair is Reese Witherspoon at the Critics Choice Awards 2024. There is no doubt that Ariana stunted down the red carpet in her two-piece gown, paired with her glittery sequined coat. Her smooth hairstyle completed her chic look by not overbearing nor understating her outfit. Looking for that flawless, yet classy smoothness that won’t have your flyaways sticking out everywhere? Our award-winning and multitasking WonderBalm Magic for Curls isn’t just great for curls but also for creating the same smooth and tamed hair. 

Glossy Sleek Updos

Selena Gomez made an appearance at the Golden Globes with her sleek updo. Emily Blunt and Margot Robbie walked down the red carpet at the Critics Choice Awards 2024 with similar, yet stunning looks. Emily had her hair sleeked back in a back bun, and Margot used her sleek look to bring out a few side waves. The best part about their sleeked-back hairdos is that they were able to display their dangling and sparkly earrings! Combine our UltraFlex Hairspray and SuperFinish Polishing Balm to recreate your favorite celebrity's sleeked-back hair! Pairing these products together will keep your hair in place while adding a glossy and sleek shine that’ll protect your hair. 

Loose Natural Waves

There were quite a bit of celebrities this year bringing in their big loose waves. Taylor Swift brought in a pop of lime green shimmer with her luscious wavy hair. Margot Robbie showed up in her iconic dream-girl Barbie dress, paired perfectly with her loose golden waves. Let’s not forget Niecy Nash gave an unforgettable and powerful speech at the Critics Choice Awards 2024 in her black velvet dress. Her long bouncy waves continued to compliment her mesmerizing look throughout the night. Give yourself beautiful blowout waves at home with our TotalControl Styling Crème. It gives you the same voluminous and soft silkiness waves as your favorite stars within a quick easy step.  

What was your favorite award show celebrity hairstyle? Take a peek at our multitasking stylers for creating endless combinations of your desired hair looks!