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5 Ways to Show Your Scalp and Hair Love

In celebration of the month of love, we're sharing five easy ways to shower your hair and scalp with the love and care they truly deserve. Taking care of your hair is not only important for its health and vitality, but it can also be a wonderful self-care routine that allows you to relax and pamper yourself.

  1. Personalized Routine:
    Nothing expresses love more than something that is one-of-a-kind or thoughtfully put together with you in mind. That's why we have created our hair quiz, which helps you discover the perfect clean hair routine designed specifically for your hair type and goals. Additionally, our clean products are made with plant-based botanicals, amino acids, and fatty acids to nourish and care for your hair from the inside out and from root to tip.

  2. Scalp Care:
    The key to maintaining a healthy relationship with your hair is to take good care of your scalp. Nurture it, cherish it, and let your hair be a reflection of the love and care you show your scalp. Our Better Roots Serum and Oil Duo are unique products designed to target your hair follicles, promoting a balanced and soothed scalp and strong strands. To get the best results, apply the Better Roots Scalp + Hair Oil 30 minutes before showering to allow it to absorb and work its magic. This is a great time to relax and indulge in activities you enjoy, such as reading a book, applying a face mask, stretching, or catching up on your favorite show. After showering and on non-wash days, apply the Better Roots Serum and give yourself a gentle scalp massage. 

  3. Reconstructing Masque:
    You might ask, “But I already use a conditioner… why do I need to also use a reconstructing masque?” Our conditioners nourish and hydrate for regular use. Our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque repairs past hair heartbreak, aka hair damage, and prevent future damage from harsh color treatments, environmental stressors, and more! Trust us, you’ll feel the difference and ask yourself, "Where has this been my whole life?" Our reconstructing masque is the hair product that everyone needs in their life for the ultimate hair love. 

  4. Vitamins:
    Care for your from the the inside out with our Better Roots RootBoost Complex supplements. A combination of the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to provide your hair the nutrients that it needs for strong, healthy hair. Hair wellness supplements can improve normal cell growth and function, which are important for preventing common hair loss. Better Roots RootBoost Complex is an easy way to ensure that your hair continues to get the necessary nutrients for the appearance of new growth and thickness. All you need to do is take one capsule a day with a glass of water and you’re set on your journey!

  5. Trim: 
    Take your strands on a date to the salon! Getting a regular hair trim is crucial for maintaining happy and healthy hair. Split ends start appearing at the tips of your hair when they become damaged and can travel toward your hair shaft. This can lead to breakage, so it’s best to get a small trim before this happens. 

Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and love your hair with a few of our favorite clean haircare products