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Your Biggest *Curl* Questions Answered

FAQs from our curly girl consultations!

Since launching our one-on-one pro consults, the queries we seem to get the most of are from our curly girls - understandably, as this is perhaps the trickiest hair type. By sharing their angst, pain, and even joys, these inquiries have inspired us to help others with similar hair challenges near and far. To this end, we’re launching a series of EVOLVher Journal posts highlighting the most frequently asked consult questions… starting with none other than curls!

Read on to learn about an amazingly simple curl routine to keep your hair healthy and hydrated, while protecting your locks from dreaded curl damage, as well as simple solutions for those with thinning hair, and other top questions that we receive every day.

I have thin curly/wavy hair, the hair itself is dry, but my roots and scalp are oily. I need volume, but still need help with the dryness and lack of definition. What are your suggestions for shampoo, conditioner, and styling products?

Lack of volume and any kind of thinning is frustrating and can kill your good hair day vibe. The struggle is real as it affects so many of us - so this is a solution that we’ve worked really hard on and that’s particularly near and dear to our hearts.

Because curls tend to be dry, and those with thinning hair and hair loss also need volume, using a shampoo with the right balance of cleansing power and hydration, that will not weigh the hair down, is a must. Our award winning UltraShine Shampoo and Conditioner are taskmasters that were developed for all hair types to deliver hydration, scalp health, and non-toxic superhero ingredients to the hair core, without added weight to your hair. They are the perfect solution for those with curls needing volume and with special scalp needs. 

The UltraShine duo combined with SmartVolume Leave-in Conditioner is the easy 3-step system for transformational results that are immediately visible and only get better with regular use. This EVOLVher will experience increased hydration to combat dryness (think curl definition), and soft touchable volume with scalp balancing.

Finish these 3 steps with TotalControl Styling Créme at the roots for the ultimate soft touchable volume and/or add throughout your hair for amazing curl definition that lasts for days (can be used on wet and/or dry hair). 

An important note: shampoos and conditioners that claim to help regrow your hair - simply don’t work. Invest instead in shampoo/conditioner duos that balance the scalp. If your scalp is too oily, your hair follicles could be blocked - this reduces the efficiency of the hair growth cycle, eventually leading to thinning hair and hair loss. Lacking oil is equally detrimental to hair growth. When your scalp is not producing enough oil, hair becomes dry and more susceptible to breakage and thinning.

The solution? Look for shampoos whose formulations have been informed by Ayurvedic practices and contain ingredients such as neem, shikakai, and other natural extracts which cleanse, but don’t strip the scalp of much-needed oils.

All of our shampoos and conditioners act as adaptogens, which translates to a normalizing effect on your hair and scalp, adjusting to your specific needs even as they… evolve (get it!), whether you’re overly oily or overly dry.

What can I do to eliminate frizz?

Lack of moisture is the common denominator among those that suffer from frizz. A dry curl is an unhappy curl. When your hair is dry, the cuticle is rough, and as a result your hair is seeking moisture from the air, causing hair to swell and frizz (think of it as your strands literally reaching out for moisture in every direction).

First and foremost, hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate. Use a sulfate-free gentle shampoo - we suggest SmartCurl Hydrating Wash which has dialed down cleansing power and added hydration specifically for curly hair.

Secondly, avoid washing your hair every day - this is the most commonly recommended practice for dry curlies. With that said, always use a conditioner (or opt for a co-wash). SmartCurl Hydrating Conditioner has a rich mix of amino and fatty acids formulated to deliver hydration internally to your strands (you’ll notice your hair seems to drink it up and there won’t be much to rinse away). 

Third, don’t forget the un-skippable leave-in conditioner step. Choose from SmartCurl (the most hydration specifically for curly girls), SmartStart (medium hydration for all hair types), or SmartVolume (hydration plus added oomph and thickness thanks to Flax).

To amp hydration up another notch, our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque is completely transformational for dry and frizz-prone hair. Use it once a week to turn dry curly hair into soft and smooth silkiness, or (for particularly dry locks) combine it with you conditioner (1/2 and 1/2) when you wash or co-wash and see for yourself why we call it our “straw to silk” miracle worker.

Most of all - simply be gentle. Don’t wrap terry towels around your hair, which, by the nature of their fibers, take all the moisture out of your hair and grab on to individual strands – yikes!  A Hubalou Hair Wrap or even an old t-shirt will help prevent breakage and reduce frizz by minimizing friction and maintaining the right amount of moisture, so that you don’t end up with an overly dry top layer.

In support of your quest to have the most amazing frizz-free curls possible - let your hair dry 90% before using heat tools (to cut down on heat exposure), and minimize color, bleach, or any processing treatments.

I have frizz and breakage due to color processing and hot tool damage - what can I do to help my hair?

The process of color is rigorous on your mane, and, without special care, can cause damage that will leave your hair crying - maintaining it combined with curls that already have specific challenges of their own (dryness, breakage, frizz, and split ends) can drive you mad. 

First and foremost, use a reconstructor. Hair is made of protein, and our UltraRepair Masque, with its high concentration of tyrosine (think building blocks of protein) will help restore and repair damage caused from color and hot styling tools. Use it as a masque once a week for best results. This is also a unique reconstructor that can be left in overnight as a deep-conditioning treatment to maximize the repair process.

Last year we introduced SmartColor Protecting Shampoo & Conditioner – specifically targeted to those with color-treated tresses. Our richest formulas yet, this duo contains max amino and fatty acids to protect your color investment with vibrant color results and reduced fadage to extend your color life. Those same performance ingredients eliminate frizz and dryness like no other.

Don’t forget to maximize the results with our SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner whose low pH will shut down your cuticle for maximum shine, while providing natural UV and heat protection. Reach for our SmartCurl Leave-in if you feel you need extra hydration, or SmartVolume for added thickness. 

I buy many products for my curls, and then I struggle to figure out how to use them correctly - can you provide an easy routine specifically for me?

We created the consult line in order to provide one-on-one solutions for every unique hair need - from a real living breathing pro from our team (not a chatbot or an automated response). Our replies include easy step-by-step routines and product recommendations. We all have busy lives and limited time - so our goal is to give you a complete response customized to your individual needs, with simplicity and ease as top priority. This includes an overview on EVOLVh and the benefits of using a clean ingredient haircare line, links to value-priced recommended kits and sets to start your journey with us, and a step-by-step guide to restoring your hair to complete health and gorgeousness!

Yes, you only need 3 steps to optimize results with EVOLVh. We take it one step further though, and also recommend products for styling and even “cocktailing” (combining styling products).

We are passionate about healthy, happy hair and our mission is to spread it to the world!

Don’t see your hair concern covered? Fill out this form, write to us at, or leave us a note in the comments below and we’ll get right back to you.

Whatever your hair type/concern, just remember to go easy on your hair and yourself.

As always, we wish you the best hair day, every day!