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The Glow Up: Vapour Beauty’s Krysia Boinis

With Memorial Day Weekend upon us, we’re dreaming of outdoor adventures, a (safely) sun-kissed dewy complexion, and taking some extra time for ourselves. Enter: Krysia Boinis - founder of Vapour Beauty and our ultimate natural beauty, mindfulness, and self-care inspiration. Get Krysia’s wellness and positivity tips below and don’t miss her Vapor must-have to amplify your inner glow!

And for when it's time to get back to work come Tuesday - we've got an extra special treat... Krysia and Vapour's National Makeup Artist, Nicole Cudzilo, have created a how-to video for looking your best during those Zoom video meetings (or just a FaceTime happy hour with friends). Be sure to catch that at the bottom of this post!

Krysia, you seem to radiate positivity! How do you maintain such a beautiful, positive outlook on life? Any advice you can pass along to those who may be struggling to look on the bright side, especially during these challenging times?

My best advice is to stay present with whatever is happening and allow stimuli (thoughts, feelings and events) to flow through the mind and emotional body. It’s a moment by moment practice, and I mean practice – I sure don’t do it well all the time. But when I am able to stay in the moment, I can focus on being grateful for everything that is going right in that moment. Everything is OK right in this moment and this moment is all that there really is.

You previously had a stage 3 cancer diagnosis – congratulations on being cancer-free for over ten years now! What is something positive that you took away from that experience?

I learned to focus on the good stuff and that what I give attention to amplifies in my life and shapes my mood, stress level, self-confidence and creativity. I’m stretching those muscles in real time now with what the Covid situation is bringing up for me. I’m giving myself the space and time to think about what I’m grateful for…surviving cancer, loved ones, feeling healthy, the beauty of nature, running hot water, fresh air, flowers…

Having a family, running a business, and continuously building a brand is a recipe for a busy and sometimes stressful life. How do you relieve stress? Any tips?

I make time each day for meditation and exercise. I spend time outdoors as often as possible, even if it’s just for a half hour walk after a long day in front of the computer. I can count on Nature to bring me back to center, no matter what sort of day it’s been.

What are some of the ways that you try to maintain sustainability in your daily life? Are there any sustainable products or tips that you can pass along to us?

I get teased at home for being a conservationist, I’m always turning off lights, lowering the thermostat in winter, and geeking out on carefully removing labels from glass jars so they can be reused. One product I’ve recently fallen in love with is @TruEarthMovement Laundry strips - detergent in concentrated strip form. They work great and are clothing, skin and planet friendly. They eliminate the huge plastic jug and messy measuring. They are biodegradable, vegan, toxin-free and come in a compostable envelope so they don’t take up space in the laundry room. Seriously – I’m in love.

We know that you are a strong advocate for inner beauty - what are some ways that everyone can maintain or enhance their inner beauty?

I’ve found that what we put inside will ultimately show up on the outside. This includes not only food, water and sleep, but also practices, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. So wholesome foods and beautiful thoughts and feelings allow us to radiate our natural beauty outwardly, regardless of our age or perceived flaws.

While we're basking in the time at home right now, we're also more prone to munching on those not-so-healthy snacks! Can you recommend some of your favorite healthy go-to snacks?

Comfort foods are an absolute must-have these days. My goal is to reinvent them into snacks I can feel good about. On the savory side I love chips and salsa. We’re making fresh pico de gallo almost daily. It's simple: chopped tomato, jalapeno, red onion, cilantro (from my garden), lime juice and sea salt.  Dip in with an organic, baked, gluten free corn chip and YUM.

For my sweet tooth I make frozen smoothie bowls. My favorite at the moment is: frozen banana, frozen cherry, frozen pineapple, fresh blueberry, handful of spinach from the garden, splash of coconut water, chia seeds, a few drops of stevia and the magical ingredient– tart cherry juice concentrate. Delicious and satisfies my craving for ice cream..

Taos, New Mexico, which you call home, just looks so beautiful. What are some of your favorite things to do outdoors in Taos?

Taos is bursting with wild beauty – mesas, mountains, forests and rivers waiting to be discovered by foot, bike, kayak, raft, snowshoe or ski. The amazing thing is –– there are just 17 people per square mile in New Mexico so you can pretty much have the place to yourself. If you're in a quieter mood, find a cozy spot on your portal (porch) to watch a thunderstorm roll in from across the horizon or take in the super-natural light at golden hour and watch the sunset unfold with blazing colors. Look up at the night sky and literally wish upon a shooting star under the vast Milky way. No kidding. I think that’s why our license plates call this place “The Land of Enchantment”.

You have such a beautiful family, and a sweet pup named Lula! What does an ideal fun day for the whole family look like?

We love to go on outdoor adventures together. I pack a picnic (including dog treats), apply sunblock, lace up and head outside. Lula loves running water more than anything, so destinations along rivers are some of our favorites.

Maintaining self-care is always important, however, it is more important now than ever. What does a day of self-care look like for you?

Lately, a day of self care is about de-stressing, self nurturing and building immunity. It looks like this: I start with meditation and yoga. Then dry brush for a few minutes before taking a steam sauna. In the steam I apply a honey based moisturizing facial mask (raw local honey + organic spirulina) and practice deep breath work to hydrate and clear my lungs. I follow with an exfoliating facial scrub and a cool shower to close the pores, induce a higher state of alertness and promote a robust immune response. After drying off, I apply skincare containing vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Then I head outdoors...

The world needs to know about the amazing, healthy products that Vapour Beauty offers! What are three products that you would recommend to someone who is new to Vapour?

If you're new to Vapour you’ve got to try our complexion products – we’re known for high vibe formulas that amplify your inner glow. Many people skip primer because they think it’s not worth the extra step. But primer can be a game changer in how skin looks all day. Pair it with the right foundation and you’ll have super-natural looking skin that’ll get compliments like never before. The key is that we have options for every skin type and every skin tone; formulas that enhance complexion and revitalize skin.

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Here is Krysia & Nicole's Zoom Beauty how-to:

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