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Some Of Our Team's Summer Must-Haves

When it comes to summer pastimes and hairstyles, we're all about keeping things easy and breezy. Even though our team members' summers are spread out across both coasts, with some stops in the Midwest, down South, and even the Bahamas, we all share a yearning to spend as much time as possible outdoors and in nature, and as little time as possible on our hair. Here's a roundup of some of our team's favorite seasonal activities and go-to products:

My perfect summer day is sitting on the beach with a good book, and my favorite EVOLVh product for summer is definitely WonderBalm - it's an absolute must-have for controlling the beach humidity frizz!

My perfect summer day is a day spent on the beach lounging under an umbrella enjoying the beach. This summer I'm excited to enjoy the glorious weather with friends and family

My favorite EVOLVh product for the summer is the SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner for the UV protection and as a detangler. I also love using SuperFinish Polishing Balm to hydrate my ends after I swim in the pool since the chlorine dries it out! My new favorite product if I ever get sunburnt on my scalp is the Better Roots Scalp + Hair Oil, it completely soothes my scalp and helps with any dryness or flaking! I have fine, straight hair that I color. 

My favorite summer activity is boating/swimming/stand-up paddling on Lake Tahoe and then BBQ-ing on the beach afterwards at sunset.

My EVOLVh go-to in summer is SmartStart in my beach bag! It is indispensable when I get out of the water: it detangles, fights frizz and keeps my lake hair under control. I also love using UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque regularly during the summer to counteract all the sun and swimming.

As I’m about to spend some time in Michigan at the Great Lakes - this is my favorite time of year - my perfect summer activity is a long boat ride on a sunny day exploring new areas and hidden coves with family and friends (and a good glass of wine is a bonus). 

Hands down, WonderBalm is my go-to product for summer! My hair type is very curly to kinky, and going platinum (aka gray) and WonderBalm keeps my curls smooth, shiny, and frizz-free - and a new benefit that I’m enjoying is that it softens my grays. I can use it both to wear my hair curly, and also to do a fast blow out to change up my style.

My perfect summer day starts with a beach hike along the bluffs in Montauk, followed by beach hangs, and then picking up some farmer's market finds and cooking/eating outside with friends and some very chilled local wine. 

For me, low-maintenance is the way to go on most summer days, so the InstaVolume Mousse has been a total game-changer because it lets me air dry my hair and my curls come out bouncy, smooth, and frizz-free no matter how much humidity is in the air. 

My perfect summer day is a day at the beach with friends, going in and out of the water, enjoying light reading and music, and of course a bit of chilled Rosé.

And my fave summertime product is the 2oz travel size InstaVolume Mousse - it gives my hair lots of easy, free flowing bouncy volume.

I have color-treated, thick, straight to wavy hair. My summer staples include SmartColor Shampoo & Conditioner Duo to keep my color vibrant even after long days spent in the sun, SmartVolume Leave-In Conditioner to protect my hair from UV rays and to saturate my strands pre-swimming, and UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque to counteract summer damage, keep my hair hydrated, and to prevent breakage.

My perfect summer day would be spent paddle boarding in some clear blue Florida waters like Rainbow Springs with friends, blasting our favorite music and ending the day watching the sunset at a beach side restaurant with a fresh Mojito in hand. I’m so excited to go on my first cruise with two of my best girlfriends in August - we’ll be making stops in the Bahamas which I’ve never visited before and swimming with some sting rays.

My perfect summer day involves spending time outdoors, having a picnic with a delicious sandwich and refreshing drinks, listening to music, and maybe playing a card game or two. This summer, I'm looking forward to taking mini weekend getaways to spend time with friends and family in Southern California.


I have fine, straight hair. My summer (and year-round) go-to is the SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner, which protects my strands from the sun and effortlessly detangles. My hair goal this summer is to perfect a beachy blowout and add volume, so I've been prepping my hair with InstaVolume Mousse. I love that it adds weightless volume and leaves my hair feeling natural. It's a true "your hair, but better" styler.

We hope you're bringing our hair-saving products along with you wherever your adventures take you this summer, EVOLVhers!