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Our Team's Positivity Tips Roundup

Self-Care, Wellness & More To Feel Good About 

For this week's EVOLVher Journal post we wanted to share some of the things that our team is relying on to stay healthy, sane, and positive amidst chaos and uncertainty. We're generally a "glass half full" kind of bunch, but naturally have found our usual optimism tested this past week. As you probably know by now, we take self-care pretty seriously and although it's been challenging to make it a priority lately, we've found that it does help and since you can't share from an empty vessel, it's now as important as ever to keep up your wellness practice and adjust it as needed so that you can be there for your family and community as well. 

Here's some of what's been working for us...

"This too shall pass." — Sometimes the simplest message is the most effective. We suggest treating this as an affirmation (repeating as often as needed, writing on post-its and sticking around your home, using as a screensaver or phone background, etc. etc.) and a reminder to maintain perspective. 


It happens to be spring cleaning time so use it to Marie Kondo your home - declutter, collect items to sell or donate (later), and reorganize your closets and cabinets. Don't forget those junk drawers. A digital clean up is always helpful as well - get rid of unneeded items on your desktop or put them into folders, empty your trash, back up your important files, and scrub for bugs and malware. Be sure to also reassess your digital subscriptions (apps with monthly fees, streaming services, etc.) and get rid of anything you don't actually use - tidy and financially friendly = win, win!

Get Moving

Not going to the gym or workout classes doesn't mean you can't still exercise at home or outside. Go for a walk, have a dance party with your family, or try one of these FREE workout apps:

Nike Training Club >

30 Day — Squat Challenge > 

Adidas Training by Runtastic >

Daily Yoga >

Simple Habit >

...And Breathe

There's no time like the present to start or build on your meditation practice. The health benefits are endless and of course we can all use help with anxiety right now. Try an app like Headspace or Calm or check out Gabby Bernstein's free online anxiety relief workshop which teaches the following:

- The spiritual tools she uses to maintain a steady sense of peace during difficult times

- A technique that helps you feel comforted within minutes

- Her favorite guided meditation for feeling safe

- An anxiety relief method you can use anywhere, anytime

Register here >

Binge Without The Guilt

So long as you're also getting fresh air and exercise, there is absolutely no need to hold back on your binge watching while at home. We're currently watching Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu, Hunters and Killing Eve on Amazon Prime, The Outsider on HBO, and any and all standup specials on Netflix. We figure watching someone else’s suspense is a good relief from our own, but sprinkling in some comedy certainly helps too!

Also be on the lookout for new movies coming out that are skipping the theaters. 

Start A Virtual Book Club

The excuses to not finally get to those books that have been piling up are dwindling. Reach out to girlfriends and/or family to do a remote book club - a different member picks the read each time and you can discuss over Skype or Google Hangouts/Duo - each with your own wine and snacks of course. Bonus points for snacks that are inspired by the book. 

We're currently reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, Little Weirds by Jenny Slate, and Do You Mind If I Cancel? (Things That Still Annoy Me) by Garry Janetti. 

Press Play

Our team LOVES podcasts and while many of the ones we usually listen to are more business oriented, we also indulge in some lifestyle and wellness centric offerings.

Here are some that are feeling uplifting right about now: 

MindBodyGreen > 

Highest Self From Sahara Rose > 

The Goop Podcast > 

Recipes For Success 

Whether you're a pro in the kitchen or scrambling to figure it out as you go, these recipe sources have got you covered:

Food52 >

Healthyish >

The Daley Plate > 

Sleep Tight

Getting your 8 hours is even more important during periods of heightened stress so get that bedtime routine worked out and make catching those Zzzz's a priority.

Here's a playlist of Sleep Tones to help > 

Don't Retire Your Beauty Routine

While it may be tempting to stay in your sweats and not wash your hair all week - don't fall into the trap. Trying to maintain some sort of routine and taking care of yourself inside and out will help you feel a sense of normalcy and stay positive. You don't have to get all glammed up (unless you want to), but you shouldn't forgo your beauty routine altogether either. Now is the ideal time for face masks and hair masks (like our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque) and cocooning with our SmartBody Butter (perfect for healing post-winter skin). And don't forget the lotion for those hands that you're washing excessively - we've put a SmartBody Lotion in every bathroom to smooth on after every lather. 

Stay healthy and be well, EVOLVhers. And remember - this too shall pass.