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Meet Suzi Swope: Clean Beauty Expert and Founder of Gurl Gone Green

Meet Suzi Swope, one of our favorite bloggers and clean beauty experts who we are honored to call an EVOLVher. Suzi is a mother of four and has over 11 years of experience in clean beauty and living. She launched her blog, Gurl Gone Green, in 2013. Prior to that, she worked as an organic hair stylist, so she knows a thing or two about caring for your hair. Her blog is full of tips and inspiration for embracing and transitioning to a natural lifestyle.

We chatted with Suzi to learn more about what inspired her to create @gurlgonegreen, why clean beauty/living, and her EVOLVh faves—enjoy!

Before launching Gurl Gone Green, you worked in the beauty industry as an organic hair stylist, esthetician, and nail tech. What made you fall in love with doing hair and working in beauty?

I've always loved beauty since I was young. I remember trying different hairstyles on my hair and my sister's hair growing up. I loved the creation process and a good before and after!

What inspired you to switch to a more natural/clean lifestyle and why is important to you?

My brother was really the catalyst for me. He's a naturopathic physician and he encouraged me to start looking into what was in my beauty products.  It's important to me, because I want to be an informed consumer. It really gives the power back to me, to make an informed decision about what I'm putting on my body. I also want to be a voice for the next generation to want better for their kids!

What inspired you to launch your blog, Gurl Gone Green? You cover everything from beauty to home to you have a favorite topic that you love to research and write about?

It was friends and family. I kept getting asked questions about products and ingredients and knew I needed to have a place for people to land. At the time there wasn't a lot out there for natural blogs, so I knew I needed to share what I was learning to spread the word. I love writing about beauty still! There is always new information coming out and standards so it keeps things fresh.

Let's talk hair: What is your hair type?


What are your hair concerns or hair goals?

To get volume and body

Do you remember when you first tried or were introduced to EVOLVh?

It was 5 years ago at least and I was introduced to the UltraShine Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. It was the first clean shampoo that I remember thinking- wow, this works!

What are your favorite EVOLVh products and how do you like to use them in your routine and your kiddos' routine?

  • Definitely the UltraShine Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. I use this one myself and my two older girl's hair.

  • I also like WonderBalm. I love this product for my second daughter’s curly hair. It helps to define the curl and also add some shine.

  • SuperFinish Polishing Balm is another fave. This is the perfect balm for any hair type! I love how it feels weightless on the hair as well. It really helps to calm frizz and add a touch of shine to the hair.

  • Another fave is the SmartVolume Leave-in Conditioner. This is such a unique product! I remember initially reading about it and thinking, wow this sounds amazing. It’s a leave-in conditioner but it doesn’t weigh your hair down like so many leave-in conditioners.  This is music to my ears.  Especially for a fine/thin haired gal like myself. Sometimes I need a little extra conditioner but often the leave-in conditioners can weigh down my hair. This one doesn’t! I use this on my girls’ hair too.

Let's do some rapid fire questions: 

  1. My hair makes me feel: Feminine

  2. My biggest hair regret: Going dark

  3. My biggest hair tip: Embrace what you have—if it's curly hair, rock those curls! If you have fine/thin hair embrace the shorts styles.

  4. I'm currently loving: SmartVolume Leave-In Conditioner after the warm summer months

  5. I'm looking forward to: Fall

Shop Suzi’s faves below and be sure to follow her on Instagram @gurlgonegreen and her blog for clean living tips and inspiration!