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EVOLVh Together with Let's Start Pilates

The "h" in EVOLVh stands for healthy, and it has always been our vision to help people evolve in a healthy direction, not only in their hair product choices, but in all areas of wellness, including exercise and fitness.

We're excited to introduce EVOLVh Together—a series of classes and conversations that we hope will inspire, support, and meet you wherever you are on your wellness journey. We can't wait to see how we can evolve, together.

We invite you to roll out your yoga mat, slip into your stretchy pants, and join us for a FREE 50-min Pilates class instructed by Hande Demirel, founder of Let's Start Pilates. The class is designed to improve your strength, flexibility, and tone your entire body with low impact, mat-based exercises. You'll leave the class feeling stronger, longer, and calmer.

Whether you're a beginner, more advanced, or anywhere in between - this class is for you. No equipment or prior Pilates experience needed.


Watch the Replay Here >


About Hande & Let's Start Pilates

Let’s Start Pilates provides a realistic and transformative approach to improving your strength, flexibility, and health, and building a toned, leaner look –– without quick fixes, fad diets or excessive exercise.

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