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Happy Hair Holiday: SmartColor Gift Set

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The ultimate gift set to give and to keep for anyone who colors their hair. 

This breakthrough eco-luxe shampoo and conditioner are the evolution of color care. Experience peak color vibrancy like never before and for a longer period of time, plus increased hair strength, shine, bounce and softness, while lessening the stressful impact of color on strands and protection against breakage, splitting and frizz. It's the color care we have all been dreaming of and now the dream is reality, and it's called SmartColor. 

After washing and conditioning with SmartColor, apply our revolutionary SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner to naturally seal and protect every strand for the most incredible color care system on Earth.

  •    SmartColor Color Protecting Shampoo 8.5oz $34 
  •    SmartColor Color Protecting Conditioner 8.5oz $36
  •    SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner 8.5oz $28

Retail Value: $98

Holiday Set: $79

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