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The experience of others is a great teacher. If you're wondering what you can expect from EVOLVh products, this should help quite a bit.

-->>I rarely leave testimonials, but this is by far the best eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner I have ever tried--and I have tried a lot of lines in search of a color-safe, low-toxic product that actually works. I used the Environmental Working Group Cosmetic Safety Database to look up each ingredient, and every component ranks within the lowest range of toxicity. In contrast, the organic color systems products I have been using contain level 7 and 8 ingredients, and while the Kevin Murphy products minimize packaging, their scents and ingredients actually aren't entirely benign. Many paraben-free products also contain phenoxyethanol, which isn't healthy. I was pleased to find that EVOLVh is free of both chemicals. EVOLVh also works really well. The John Masters, Hamadi, and Aubrey Organics products leave my hair oily or dry. After trying EVOLVh, I was pleasantly surprised to have "cosmetic" feeling hair like I did when using Aveda and Paul Mitchell.

Amy C. - Chicago, IL


-->>I have to say these hair products are by far the closest to cosmetic heaven I've reached thus far in life and I have most certainly been through a lot of different product. EVOLVh not only gave me back confidence in the cosmetic industry when it comes to superb hair care, but also introduced me to what I now proudly claim as my signature scent. I haven't encountered a luncheon or shopping trip where no one has asked what perfume I use.

Kimberly D. - Annapolis, MD


-->> I love your product! I was introduced to it through Glymm in Canada. I have very thick, curly, long hair, and I find that your moisturizing products make it so easy to comb through when it's wet. I'm amazed! Would it be possible to obtain a sample to introduce my hairdresser to this amazing product? I don't want her to be annoyed with me for moving away from Deva products, but yours are far superior. I'd be happy to provide more info on her salon (or in general) if you require it. Thanks for being awesome!!

Dana S. - Toronto, Canada


-->> Using EVOLVh products has dramatically changed my relationship with my wavy hair. I find it is easier to dry and style, and I can even skip a day between shampoos! My hair looks and feels healthier, and styling lasts longer. I have shared my shampoo and conditioner with friends - and no matter what type of hair they have - I have converted them to EVOLVh!

Elizabeth B. - Montreal, QC


-->> So I'm a dude who's always had a lot of hair, but it was incredibly stiff/unmanageable. I tried moving around between whatever shampoos/conditioners that were available from local stores, but never found anything good, and in the process ended up getting scalp buildup and such. Then after scouring the internet for a while, I heard about your product line, and based on all the reviews, figured, "Eh, why not give it a try?" Anyway, long story short, I've found the shampoo I want to use forever. Scalp grossness disappeared, my hair was soft, silky, and incredibly manageable. I mean to the point where I can get away without using any product most days. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go place my next order...

Ariel B. - Palisades Park, NJ


-->> My mother in law owns a beauty supply store, Beauty & Style in Brookline, MA. At her house I tried the shampoo and conditioner. Simply Evolvh is the best hair product I have ever used. The best.

Pamela F. - Wakefield, MA


-->> EVOLVh is the only shampoo I've tried (and I've tried them all) that doesn't trigger the itchy, flaky scalp that I had been struggling with for years. I tried EVOLVh a few years ago and haven't had a problem since. I will never use anything else. Best shampoo ever.

Cynthia L. - Milwaukee, WI


-->> I use three of Evolvh's products, and I've had great success with all of them: the Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo, Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner, and the StartSmart Leave-In Conditioner. I have fairly straight, normal to dry hair, with an oily scalp; my hair is also color-treated. Battling dryness can be a real problem, especially during the winter in Michigan. My hair really needs the moisture, but less is needed for my scalp. After washing and conditioning with Evolvh, my hair always feels clean and soft, but not oily. I also have sensitive skin that is prone to breakout--the products do not cause breakout around my face or neckline. Because of blow-drying and styling, I've always used a leave-in conditioner to give further protection from heat styling. I had used another product for several years; while it was very good, Evolvh's is much better and I only use it now. From a savings standpoint, I buy the "Liter" size in both the shampoo and the conditioner. Try these products--I think you'll be very happy with them.

Alicia P. - Brighton, MI


-->> My first attraction to checking out EVOLVh was that it is an organic product. the older I get the better products I have to use on my hair. I love the smell, the way it makes my hair feel. I loved it so much that I use it in my professional hair kit. I am a freelance makeup/hair artist and the styling cream and polish are just a few of my favorite products to use on set. The polish makes hair look great on camera. Thank you EVOLVh!

Dania B. - Gilbert, AZ


-->> There's no longer any need for me to rotate among a few favorite brands. EVOLVh is absolutely the best for healthy hair! I have long hair and used to douse it with conditioner to keep it moisturized and detangled. One pump from the large EVOLVh bottle is plenty. That bottle lasts about nine months for me with daily use, so the value is good. Also, the fact that EVOLVh doesn't have lots of different lines (volumizing, shine-enhancing, color-safe, etc.) shows that they have no need for gimmicks. The basic shampoo and conditioner combo cleans well, leaves no buildup, smells nice, doesn't weigh hair down, detangles, and moisturizes (this is my first winter with static issues). The first few uses are great, but the real evidence is the improvement you see over time. EVOLVh proves that organic ingredients can deliver great results and that you don't have to choose between natural effective. I LOVE IT!

Cortney L. - Indianapolis, IN


-->> Really great products. Makes my fine, limp hair look fuller. Love it!!!

Rose S. - Allen, TX


-->> I have naturally curly, below shoulder length hair which is color treated (blond)….translation, very dry! I have used many products specifically for my hair type, but never been really satisfied with the results. After washing, I let my hair air dry, sometimes overnight. My hair would be dry looking, somewhat frizzy and without much curl. I read about Evolvh hair products and was impressed with what they did not contain. Sodium laurel sulfate is no one’s friend! The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner, I went to bed and let my hair dry overnight. Imagine my surprise when I looked in the mirror and saw beautiful shine, curls and no frizz the next morning! Months later, I have continued to use Evolvh and wouldn’t go back to anything else. These products are well formulated and provide the results as promised by the company. Thanks for giving me beautiful hair!

Susan H. - Durham, NC


-->> Wet hair, dry hair, whatever hair; EVOLVh styling lotion is PERFECT for my hair!

Jeni M. - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


-->> My experience with Evolvh have been:
Finish Balm: I absolute adore this product! I do not think I could live without it. It leaves my hair shinning, with a great scent and very bouncy, I just love it.
Styling Cream: I have no words to describe how much I love this product. Whenever I straightened my hair it remains its shape, again very shiny and bouncy. I will purchase this again.

Jamie H. - Austin,TX


-->>EVOLVh has revolutionalized hair care by going back to the basics -- natural ingredients, a great scent, and good old fashioned customer service from super nice people.

Laura M. - CA


-->>EVOLVh shampoo and conditioner are the best products I have ever used on my coarse, thick, color-treated, wavy hair. As a beauty editor for an organic/all natural web site, I have tried countless natural hair care products. This is the only line that I have continued to use. Unlike other natural shampoos and conditioners, EVOLVh products leave your hair feeling clean and moisturized-and never weigh hair down. I have started buying the products in bulk from my stylist!

Bonny O. - TX


-->>I have been using Evolvh products for a while now and I am absolutely in love with them. I had dry and wispy ends that would not soften no matter what I did, but using the conditioner has brought my ends back to life and I am, in no hurry to trim them off just yet. My favorite products are the shampoo, conditioner and the super polishing balm. The first time I used the shampoo I was just amazed by how it made my hair feel. It left my hair soft and it did not matt up and dry out like it does with other shampoos.Having dry kinky hair, Evolvh shampoo is just perfect for me, no need to spend hours detangling my hair. The polishing balm is great at getting rid of frizz and it smells heavenly. I am very particular about what goes into my hair, so the fact that Evolvh products contain no sulphates and parabens is a great plus for me. If you are a girl who values and loves her hair, you will not go wrong with this product line.

Violet M. - Columbus, OH


-->> Bonjour, J'ai reçu l'échantillon, Glymm EVOLVh le shampooing et le revitalisant et j'ai adoré. J'aime l'odeur du shampoing, extrêmement efficace, un vrai shampooing. Le revitalisant est mon préféré, c'est une première pour moi d'avoir trouvé un revitalisant qui ne laisse pas les cheveux gras, et très léger! Je l'aime. Mes cheveux sont très fins et minces et ça me convient parfaitement. Je le recommande à tout le monde et je ne retournerai à mes anciens produits.

Manon B - Québec, Canada


-->>My daughter, Jessica, told me that she already emailed you to convey my thoughts but I was so impressed with your products that I had to email you myself. I'm 61, I have only ever purchased salon hair products and I've tried everything. Recently, I began to get a few grey hairs and I was upset about the coarse texture that was changing my hair. Frantically, I tried other products to no avail. When Jess offered a sample of Evolvh shampoo to me I figured why not? I was shocked, I have NEVER used anything with results even close to what I received with this shampoo. Even after two shampoos with my TRI standby later that week, I could feel a difference from your shampoo. I get so many compliments on the body that my hair has, I know everyone I work with will be looking for your products! I am telling everyone. I don't know how this product maintains my hair's body and adds such shine without adding weight. I am so excited that Jess discovered your product. I am sold! Thank you!

Beth H. - Wash. D.C.

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